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The mission of the VL, Pokhara is to promote the health of livestock, poultry and companion animals and to ensure safe animal products for the consumers by assisting Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Center (VHLSEC), Livestock Service (LS) of MP and RM veterinarians, clients and others responsible for animal health in the detection and prevention of disease by conducting responsible investigation on animal disease and providing accessible, accountable, timely and accurate diagnostic services.

    • To provide accessible, timely and accurate diagnostic services to the livestock and poultry farmers and to veterinarians, veterinary technicians and their owners in the region.
    • To conduct diagnostic examinations, record results, report information, and assist in the interpretation of results to submitting local level, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians
    • To investigate disease epidemics in the region and assist, advice and support local level to control them.
    • To prepare epidemiological profile of livestock and poultry diseases and maintain and disseminate the regional epidemiological information database on animal health in the region as well as in the national networks.
    • To investigate relatively important livestock diseases in the region and formulate control measures for the same with wider consultation to the experts.
    • To monitor and report the animal diseases incidences as well as disease that are transmissible from animal to humans (zoonosis).
    • To supervise and assist in diagnostic services to basic and primary laboratories based at local level of the region.
    • To conduct and support the laboratory and animal health related training programs for the para-vets in the region.
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