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Veterinary Laboratory, Pokhara was established in 2049 B.S. as a Regional Veterinary Laboratory with the objective of disease diagnosis and outbreak investigation in sixteen districts of western development region at that time. With the shift to federalism, this laboratory belongs to federal government and provides services to 11 districts of Gandaki province and 6 districts of Lumbini Province . The mission of the Veterinary Laboratory, Pokhara is to promote the health of livestock, poultry and companion animals and to ensure safe animal products for the consumer by assisting Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centers (VHLSEC) of these provinces and Animal Health Sections (AHS) of local levels, veterinarians, clients, and others responsible for animal health in the detection and prevention of disease by conducting responsible investigation on animal diseases and providing accessible, accountable, timely, and accurate diagnostic services. The laboratory is responsible for food safety, outbreak investigation, formulating disease control strategy, prepare epidemiological profile of livestock and poultry diseases and maintain and disseminate the regional epidemiological information database on animal health in the regional as well as in the national networks. …

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Office Chief

Dr. Kiran Pandey

Senior Veterinary Officer

Information Officer

Dr. Ganesh KC

Veterinary Officer and Information officer

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