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Major Laboratory Facilities of VL, Pokhara

VL, Pokhara, located at Ramghat-12, the center of Pokhara city, provides diversified veterinary laboratory test facilities for the farmers, private veterinary practitioners and VHLSEC of this region. It mainly tests the following categories of the samples under mainly 3- sections;


  1. Parasitological Unit: Parasitological unit tests for internal parasites through microscopic examination of faecal samples. Skin scrappings are also tested for the presence of external parasitic infection e.g., Mange, Sarcopties. It also conducts blood parasite test using thick and thin blood smear examination e.g., canis, B. canis, Trypanosomiasis etc.
  2. Post-mortem Unit: Pathology unit mainly perform PME on various species of animals and collect appropriate samples for the microbiological, parasitological and molecular biological examination. The unit performs necropsy of morbid and dead birds and animals.
  3. Biochemistry Unit: Biochemistry unit analyze mainly serum for the estimation of Ca, P, Mg, TP, Fe, Albumin etc. It is also performing the urine tests by estimating Albumin, Bilirubin, ketone bodies, urobilinogen etc. using dipstick test kit.
  4. Hematology Unit: This unit is providing routine hematological examinations of all animals and birds using automated hemato-analyzer.


Microbiological unit tests diversified samples like milk, tissues, blood, aspirated fluids, and tissues etc. Both aerobic and anaerobic culture facilities are available.

  1. Bacteriology and Mycology: It also perform identification of the bacterial and fungal organisms using various biochemical tests, staining, morphology etc. The microbiology unit also performs antibiotic susceptibility test and advice for the appropriate antibiotic for the treatments.
  2. Serological Unit: Serological unit of VL, Pokhara mainly performs RBPT for Brucella, Penside test for PPR, PAT test for Mycoplasma and Salmonella as well as ELISA for various viral and bacterial diseases of livestock and poultry.
  3. Virology: In virology unit, the laboratory is capable for HA/HI tests.

Molecular Biology: Molecular Biology section is performing PCR test for FMD and PPR disease of ruminants using conventional PCR machine.

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