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Regional Veterinary Laboratory, Pokhara, located at Ramghat, the centre of Pokhara city, provides diversified veterinary Laboratory test facilities for the farmers, private veterinary practitioners and district Livestock Service Office of this region. It mainly tests the following categories of the samples:

a. Parasitological Unit:
Parasitological unit is used for external parasites the parasitology unit performs microscopic examination of skin scrapings for the identification of mange mite species. It conducts blood parasite test using blood smear examination and for the blood filaria examination using Knot’s method.

b. Microbiological Unit:
Microbiology unit tests diversified samples like milk, tissues, blood, aspirated fluids and tissues etc. Both aerobic and anaerobic culture facilities are available. It also perform identification of the Bacterial and fungal organisms using various biochemical tests, staining, morphology etc. The laboratory is capable of handling Mycobacterium and Mycoplasma species for culture. The microbiology unit also performs antibiotic susceptibility test and advice for the appropriate antibiotic for the treatments.
In virology the laboratory is capable for the isolation of ND and IBD virus using egg inoculation method.

c. Serology Unit:
Serology unit of Regional Veterinary Laboratory, Pokhara mainly perform Brucellosis test using RBPT antigen, Mycoplasmosis and Pullorum disease of poultry using Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synovae antigen by Plate agglutination test.

d. Biochemistry Unit:
Biochemistry unit is used mainly serum for the estimation of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and total proteins as well as different biochemical profile of different animals. Also, urine test is done by dipstick test kit.

e. Hematology Unit:
The Hematology Unit of Regional Veterinary Laboratory is providing routine hematological parameters of all the animals and Poultry.


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